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At 43 Andrew Murray Street in the town of Sasolburg, lies an architectural gem amid a lush green garden, lined with rich green shrubs and fragrant with blooming lavender bushes, gently stirring in the late afternoon breeze.  La Provence is one of the first homes built in Sasolburg and was originally owned by a local jeweller, Mr. Max Carl. He has admirably succeeded in giving the house a distinct European flavour. The steep, pitched roof and beautiful wrought iron staircase rising from the central entrance hall to the landing above, lends a certain je ne sais quoi to the property.  When ascending onto the stairs one would easily be convinced that you are in the south of France, expecting to see a vineyard or a field of wild lavender when going out onto the balcony.

Sitting underneath the gazebo in the lush green garden at La Provence with the birdsong in your ears and warm sun caressing your skin, you cannot help but feel a joie de vivre bubbling through your veins. La Provence is owner managed by Hantie Saayman and she invites you to an accommodation experience par excellence.  Be your visit for business or pleasure, we sincerely feel that La Provence is the right choice for you.  Nine stylish, modern yet comfortable rooms offer a neat and clean stay with the comforts of home.

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